Mission  Statement 

We help clients by providing and linking them to community resources, such as:


        Applying for SNAP Assistance

       Breakfast and Lunch provided daily
          during program hours.

                                   Targeted Case Management                                

       Clothing/ Food Bank

Discharge Planning

        Family Support

       Individual / Family Therapy

Medical & Psychiatric Services

Medication management

On-Call Nurse

Pharmacy Services

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation
Round trip transportation to/from program

Screening/ Intake Service

Service Plan Development

Job Training

         (certificate upon completion)

Behavior Modification Techniques

"Life is better when we're connected"


241 W Avenue A

Belle Glade, Fl 33430


18441 N W 2nd Ave, Suite 505 North Tower 

Miami Gardens, FL 33169

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Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to effect changes in a person’s ability to deal with his/her environmental challenges by providing quality mental health and substance abuse services using a holistic approach. It is our overall goal to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families.
Community Connections for Life, Inc. is a Non-for-profit 501(C) 3 Community Mental Health Center, designed to assist the mental health population of South Florida.  We believe in aiding those we serve with love, compassion, and respect.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide as many 
community supports as needed to place our clients on the path to success.

Who are we:
Community Connections for Life Community Mental Health Center emerged from the mental health needs of our local communities. Our organization provides a vast array of services 

individuals with severe and persistent mental illness ages 5 and up. Services include Behavior Modification Groups for students, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Targeted Case Management, and Counseling. These services are provided at our CMHC, public and private school settings and in the community with the goal of enhancing the level of functioning of our clients by taking a holistic approach to the mental and behavior wellness of our clients in a therapeutic, warm, inviting, exciting and safe environment.

Behavior Modification is a reparative strategy that replaces or "modifies" maladaptive behaviors
with more desired prosocial behaviors through the implementation of 
evidence-based interventions. Our goal is to assist and support students ages 7 to 17 with making fundamental changes as they develop emotionally, cognitively, biologically, and socially. Behavior modification intervention groups include but are not limited to anger management, developing leadership skills, self-esteem building, positive thinking and goal setting, and effective decision-making skills, as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). In addition, we utilize positive/negative reinforces as stimulants to changing inappropriate behaviors.

Our PSR program focuses on improving the social living 
skills for individuals who are experiencing stress at home and/or in the community due to mental health. PSR service is a 6 to 12 month program, available 5 days a week and is tailored to restoring the social skills and abilities of our clients in a group setting. PSR groups were developed to provide our clients with a set of tools to successfully integrate themselves into the community, gain and maintain employment and build social relationships.

At Community Connections for Life, we believe that ALL people are valuable and unique and should be treated with dignity and respect. While recognizing the potential for change, our professional staff utilizes their knowledge and skills to assess the client’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and life experiences to provide the best practices. The growth of the individual is promoted through a course of therapeutic treatment development and is executed in a timely manner. Clients are individually linked to a Targeted Case Manager and Therapist that provides one-on-one services to help rediscover their independence. Goals are customized with options to help them select their services, service providers, and service outcomes.

Every day we aim to make a difference in the lives of those we serve by meeting their unique needs.  Our services are always open and easily accessible. We are conveniently located to serve Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.